It’s such an honor to be Eric’s (student since 2017) sister. This school and the opportunities its given him are phenomenal. To watch him grow, thrive and come out of his shell has been the most rewarding thing for me to watch. Thank you Trousdale for your dedication to these students.

Sam P., Sister

Student Workers

Joseph S.

Joseph S.


Joseph began working as a Maintenance Assistant at the Cleveland YMCA in 2011. He cleans water fountains, sweeps/vacuums, dusts the men's locker room, collects trash (locker room, spin room, exercise room) and cleans spin bikes.



Trousdale School

Joseph began working with the school's Facility Services in 2015. He is responsible for cleaning/sanitizing all of the fitness room equipment, cleaning the windows and sweeping/mopping the room. 




Lookout Mountain Club

We would also like to recognize our students who work through their family's support in the Chattanooga, TN and North GA areas. Joseph began working at the Lookout Mountain Club in 2017.  He is responsible for cleaning and assisting the housekeeping staff.