"It is a special place for special people learning different things. When high school ends we need a place for students with a disability to have a place to learn new things."

Susan T., Student since 2005



The vocational program at Trousdale School assists students in applying for and maintaining employment positions in the community.  Trousdale School students work independently at their job sites for full wages, between 5-20 hours per week, during the morning hours. All workers return to school for lunch and functional academics classes. Trousdale School students love their jobs and take pride in the money they earn.  

New students take a vocational interest survey to determine the types of jobs they are interested in seeking. Trousdale School is equipped with a Vocational Lab where every student develops skill sets in food service, customer service, facility maintenance/carpentry, industrial/assembly, and clerical. The Vocational Lab allows new workers to get job training for the first time; it also allows seasoned workers to add new skill sets in order to take on new responsibilities at work. 

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